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Pricing and helpful tips

Airbrush Tanning by Patti’s pricing


Custom Airbrush Spray Tan: $35

With moisture lock treatment: $40


Package pricing:

2 Custom Airbrush Spray Tan: $64

3 Custom Airbrushes: $90

6 Custom Airbrushes: $150

Legs only: $15

Face only: $5

Upper body (everything above the waist): $20

Above a shower towel (chest, back, arms hands face): $15


Airbrush Tanning by Patti offers mobile spray tan party with six or more friends for just $45 each. Please book your appointment for this service at least a week in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should I prepare for my spray tanning session?

A: Before each session, please shower, shave and exfoliate  DO NOT use an exfoliation product, as many of them have an oil base just use soap and water with a loofa, scrunchy or wash cloth. Please do not wear make-up, lotion, perfume or deodorant (important) Please wear dark, loose fitting clothes to the studio to leave in.


Q: What should I wear when you spray tan me?    

A: You can wear whatever you’re comfortable with: a bikini to have some tan lines, a thong, or if you feel comfortable you may tan nude (women only) State Law requires the opposite sex of the custom spray technician to leave their undergarments on.    

Q: How long does the custom AirBrush tan session take?

A: It’s a very quick process. About 15 to 20 minutes to be airbrushed and 2 to 3  minutes to dry before dressing.



Q: When will the color show up?

A: Right away, the outside cosmetic bronzers will immediately show on your skin then reach its darkest potential after 8 hours of leaving it on,
     then you rinse off the bronzer and viola  a beautiful glowing tan.

Q: How long will the custom airbrush tan last?

A: The average client says between 5 to 7 days  Much of the time it stay depends on  you How often you shower if you take long hot showers
     or if you work out a lot. Any time you naturally exfoliate skin you are naturally exfoliating the tan as well.

Q: Is Airbrush tanning solution safe for my skin?

A: YES, very safe, 

My solution is made from DHA (a sugar derivative) found naturally in the human body. We also add great things like aloe vera, green tea extract and vitamins to nourish and moisturize the skin. DHA has been used cosmetically for over 30 years with no adverse effects. I encourage all pregnant tanners to check with your doctor.



Q: What are the rules for after I spray tan?

A: Just avoid excess sweating and water until you have showered, after 8 to 10 hours. You will feel like you’re wearing moisturizer for  
     approximately an hour.

Information to help you care for your tan:

  • Moisturize twice daily; dry skin will flake and peel causing your tan to fade. Please use natural products like Coco Butter or a
       Vitamin E Cream.
  • Do not exfoliate (loofas, gloves or scrubbies) until the day before your touch-up.
  • Do not shower for 8 to 10 hours; your tan is still processing
  • Read your products and if the first four ingredients include Alcohol or Alpha Hydroxy, do not use. These are drying agents and will
       fade your  tan. (Ex: Dove, Bath and Bodyworks.)
  • Understand chemicals found in hot tubs and public pools will fade you faster than normal as chlorine is a bleaching agent.
  • To make your color stay and last, Aibrush Tanning by Patti recommends a light self tanner with bronzer mixed with your natural
       lotion product to keep your bronzed glow. Products such as obey the sprays spray tan touch up can or our firming shimmer lotion
       works amazing to keep your glow going over a week.

Facts about Dihydroxyacetone (DHA)

Discovered to be a temporary skin coloring agent back in the 1920s, DHA was first used in hospitals as an elixir for children to be taken with medications. When these children spit it out it stained their skin.  For those who could not tan when the practice first became popular, used the DHA, which is a derivative of sugar cane.

  • DHA was first sold in an over the counter sunless tanning product in 1960 as Coppertone Quick Tan, also known as QT.
  • DHA works by reacting with the keratin protein in the top [or "dead"] layer of your skin. This is why the results are temporary; this
       outer layer of skin is continually sloughing off
  • In the 1970s the Food and Drug Administration added DHA to their list of approved cosmetic ingredients.
  • Then, in the late 1980s, the cosmetic companies found a way to produce better results [browner, less orange] with DHA. The
       secret: an improved refining process yielded higher quality, more predictable DHA.
  • Since then, DHA has been further improved, leading to the current explosion of products used for safer sunless tanning.

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